KOPFC Winter Indoor Tri-Series

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This triathlon series is perfect for all abilities whether you’ve participated in many or this is your first. Rather than racing over a fixed distance as traditional triathlons are designed to do, this indoor triathlon will have you race for the greatest distance you can within a fixed time frame. You will compete for a total of 1 hour (with 2 transitions) no matter how fast anyone is. You will receive a score based on the distance you complete in each of the disciplines (swim, bike, run), and an overall score based on those combined scores. The event will run in “waves” with 15 participants per wave and a max of 105 athletes per Tri-Series event. Each wave begins 1/2 hour after the previous wave start. Select your wave time during registration.

Click on logo above for PDF version of Rules.

All registrations must be done online via our registration system. Go to KOPFC.COM click on the “Program Online Registration” button on the home page. Once you arrive at the registration page select “Register for Activities” found under main menu. Then, mselect “Events” and “KOPFC Indoor Winter Tri-Series”. Select the February 15th date to proceed with registration. There are no refunds once you have registered and entries are non-transferable. KOPFC registrar: Jennifer phone (801.545.4109)

$25 per event or $50 for all 3 in the series. All entry fees are non-refundable & non-transferable.

SERIES DATES (Saturdays)
Tri-Series #2 - February 15, Tri-Series #3 - March 15

While we don’t have a minimum age requirement, children under the age of 13 must have parent present during competition. Also, due to spin bike specifications, participant should have an inseam leg length of at least 27 inches in order to reach the pedals and operate the bike in a safe manner.

START TIMES-Subject to change
Wave #1 - 7:30 AM, Wave #2 - 8:00 AM, Wave #3 - 8:30 AM, Wave #4 - 9:00 AM, Wave #5 - 9:30 AM, Wave #6 - 10:00 AM, Wave #7 - 10:30 AM. You will select your wave at time of registration. There are 15 slots per wave.

15 minute SWIM (Indoor 50 Meter pool with individual assigned lanes) -------10 minute transition------
25 minute BIKE (stationary spin bike with distance metered) ------5 minute transition----------
20 minute RUN (Utah Olympic Oval indoor track)

In addition to registering you must check-in before each event at the “Check-In” booth located in the 50 Meter pool.You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time (facility opens at 7:00 AM) and show picture ID after which you will receive your race number, markings, swim lane & bike number assignments.  If you are late for your check-in you forfeit your spot in your wave, however, if another spot opens up we will do are best to allow you to compete in that slot. 

The competitor who travels the greatest distance in a particular leg receives 100 points for that leg.  All other competitors will receive a percentage of those points based on their distance traveled in that leg.  Each leg of the race counts equally towards the total score.  Example: Steve swims the furthest distance, 35 lengths; Steve receives 100 points.  Riley swims 30 lengths; 30 ÷ 35 = .85 × 100 = 85; Riley receives 85 points. Swim + Bike + Run = total score.  Final results will divide Men & Women in their own divisions.  Any protests will be noted at the time they are recorded, but the judgment of the head ref of each area is final and no adjustments will be performed to the racers score after the fact.

There WILL be a formal transition area. Participants must not attempt to disrupt or impede the transition of another competitor in any way. Between the Swim & Bike events there will be a 10 minute transition time for you to dry off/change (either in the trasition area or locker room if you choose) and make way to the bike area to make any bike
adjustments. Between the Bike & Run events there will be a 5 minute transition time for you to change shoes (if applicable) and to make your way to the Utah Olympic Oval indoor track start line. Each event is on a scheduled set start time so if you are late, your penalty will be the missed time from when your wave began that segment.Example - Sam is 2 minutes late for the bike start, so now she only has 23 minutes to travel as far as she can. Remember - this competition is about completing the furthest distance you can within the given time allotment.

Swimmers must begin the race in the water with one or more body parts in contact with the starting end of the pool in their preassigned lane. The use of any artificial propulsion and/or flotation devise is prohibited; including, but not limited to fins, hand paddles, water gloves, kick-boards, and snorkels. With the exception of the end walls; no inanimate object (lane ropes, sides of pool, pool bottom) may be used to aid in forward progress at anytime. Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in a warning and 2 lengths reduction penalty after the first offense and disqualification after the second. Swimmers must continue in the same forward direction until they have made contact with the end wall. (You can not turn around until you have completed a full pool length.) Scoring will be based upon 1 length equal to 25 yards. Only fully completed lengths will be credited to competitors score calculation.

You must be completely dry from the swim leg. Riders must remain on the bike for the duration of the biking leg (25 minutes). Bike shoes (with”spd” clip mounts) or running shoes are permitted on our Lemond spin bikes. Riders may get on the bike prior to the start, but can not begin to pedal until the start signal is given. Racers can adjust the handlebar height & seat height to whatever they want, but may not use any tools other than the levers on the bike. Keep in mind, injuries can occur if you spin too fast so we recommend each participant set the tension at a level that is safe and comfortable based on their cycle experience. Each bike will be outfitted with a bike computer that will measure “distance” by miles. The head ref for the bike area will ensure that the trip counter on each bike computer is reset to zero before each group starts, and that nobody false-starts. Racers will be allowed to bring one water bottle with them for the bike, of which must fit in the water bottle holder provided on the bike. Late arrival for the start of this leg will result in a penalty of time lost.
*There is NO “free” spinning permitted and feet must be on pedals at all time. Officials will assess a 2 mile
distance reduction penalty for riders violating this rule.

Runners will report to the start line on the track at the Utah Olympic Oval.  Each racer will have 20 minutes to complete as many laps as they can.  Participants must not attempt to block or impede other runners from passing on lanes.  Only fully completed laps will be credited to competitors score calculation.  No spiked shoes are permitted.

- Failure to appear to any one or more legs of the race will result in disqualification.
- All participants must conduct themselves within the guidelines of “good sportsmanship” and in accordance with the rules and regulations listed above.
- Competitors must follow any and all instructions given by event officials.
- Any and all judgments/rulings made by event officials once any disputes are brought to thier attention are final.
- Unofficial results will be available when the competition is completed, however, official results will be posted online the following Tuesday after the event.

For any questions prior to event please email: scook@kopfc.com or call Steve Cook at 801.545.4111, Jennifer Dodge (Registration) at 801.545.4109, Sam Page (Swim) at 801.966.5555 ext. 125, Jacque Wardle (Bike) at 801.966.5555 ext. 215, or Riley Astil (Run) at 801.966.5555 ext. 120.

Good luck - we hope you enjoy KOPFC’s Winter Indoor Tri-Series.