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Join us in celebrating Parks and Recreation month with
KOPFC’s Great Chomper Search!

Chomper has ventured out into the neighborhood and can’t find his way back to KOPFC.  We need your help to find him and bring him back to collect a Reward (prize package).  Contest runs from July 14 (Shark Awareness Day) – July 22. 

This is a scavenger hunt where little Chomper sharks will be hidden throughout the Oquirrh Recreation and Parks District which includes Kearns, parts of Taylorsville, West Jordan and West Valley.  (See District Boundary Map HERE)


Here’s how to participate and win:

1) Follow Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center on our social media channels (facebook.com/KOPFC & Instagram @kopfc), July 14-22 for details on when the Chomper Searches will take place.

2) Watch for the clue to be posted. This clue will most often display a picture of Chomper and clue revealing the general location in the District where he is located.

3) As fast, and as safe, as you can, get to the location of the Chomper!

4) Again, the Chomper and clue reveals the general location of where he is so you might need to do some searching once you arrive until you or someone else has found Chomper (i.e. the clue may get you to a park but Chomper moves around and so he might be anywhere in that park). If you’re the first to find Chomper, you’re that day’s prize winner! Follow the instructions attached to learn how to obtain your prize which includes posting a picture of you with Chomper in the social media clue comments.

5) If you are not the first to find Chomper, that’s OK! There is still a chance to obtain prize drawing entries. Find the “Shark Fin” that Chomper left behind, take a picture with it (you need to be in the picture), and post it in the comment section of that day’s Chomper Search clue on social media or tag @kopfc in your post on Instagram and use #chompersearch in your posts.

Additional Notes:
We will have morning and evening clue drops.  Morning drops will be sometime between 9-11am and evening drops will be between 6-8pm to allow different schedules a chance to participate.  Morning searches will be 7/15, 7/17 and 7/21 and evening searches will be 7/14, 7/19 and 7/22.

• Once all the hunts are complete, KOPFC will hold a prize drawing to give away a variety of prizes to those who participated in the searches.

• One Chomper Search winner per household; however, if you win a search, you may still obtain prize drawing entries throughout the other searches and be eligible to participate in and win prizes in the prize drawing.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask as we want all to be able to participate in at least some form or fashion.


Enjoy KOPFC’S Great Chomper Search!




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