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Updates and COVID-19 Response


Updated June 1, 2020


Welcome back.  KOPFC is now OPEN including the Outdoor Pools.

Facility hours are:
Mon-Fri 5AM – 10PM
Saturday 7AM – 10PM
Sunday Noon – 6:00PM

Outdoor Pool Hours
Mon-Fri Noon – 8PM
Saturday 11AM – 8PM
Sunday Noon – 5:45PM

Indoor Pool Hours
Mon-Fri Noon – 9:45PM
Saturday 11AM – 9:45PM
Sunday Noon – 5:45PM

Entry/Admission:  KOPFC is open for both members and the general public of all ages.  Adults (18-54) – $6, Youth (3-17) $5, Seniors (55+) – $5, 2 & under Free.  Please note, all Memberships resumed on June 1st including those on the monthly draft.


Are the Outdoor Pools open?

(Yellow Phase)  Yes, we are back to our normal summer season schedule for Open Plunge.  Our outdoor pools are open Mon-Fri Noon-8PM, Saturday 11AM-8PM & Sunday Noon-5:45PM.  Please note that our lounge chairs will not be available for use until we reach the green phase, so we encourage you to bring your own chairs or towels to use.  Social distancing is still highly encouraged and we ask for you to utilize all the abundant grass space we have to distance yourself/family from other.  With the Outdoor Pools opening our South Entrance parking and Entry Kiosk will be open each day also.  Showers and lockers are also available.  Our outdoor concessions will be open as well for you to get a meal, a snack or refreshements during your visit.  See you soon.

Can I book a pavilion for my summer day visit or special occassion?
Yes you can book the pavilions NOW for the summer season.  Please note we encourage you to follow all Salt Lake County Health Department guidelines for gatherings and social distancing.  You can call our Group Sales Specialist, Jennifer at 801.545.4109.

How many patrons are allowed in the Center at the same time?

(Yellow Phase) In compliance with the UTAH LEADS 4.5 the facility will be open but still following social distancing guidelines for both family groups and individuals.  However, with both the indoor facility and outdoor facility opening, a greater number of patrons will be able use the facility.  Please use sensible behavior in following all guidelines and restrictions as noted and posted around the facility.  It is our focus to keep both patrons and staff safe at all times.  KOPFC reserves the right to limit capacities where necessary.  The Weight and Cardio rooms will have a 60 person limit and still require those exercising and using equipment to maintain a 10 foot workout distance & once finished with each station to use available disinfectant bottles to clean the equipment just used.

What is happening on with my Membership?

(Yellow Phase)  All memberships will resume including draft memberships on June 1st, 2020.  Your annual membership expiration date will be shifted approximately 2 1/2 months forward to account for the time the facility was closed or had limited services.  If you are on the monthly draft plan, since April 1, 2020 KOPFC had suspended all monthly membership bank drafts.  Beginning June 1st, drafts will begin on the regular debit cycle you originally signed up for.

What amenities are available?

(Yellow Phase)  The majority of facilities will be opened including, weight & cardio rooms, all swimming pools (open plunge is restarted) and the outdoor concession.  Group fitness classes, swim lesson programs & childcare (with restrictions) will resume.  The sauna, steam room, hot tubs and basketball gym will be re-opened at a later time (green phase).

Can I lap swim?

(Yellow Phase)  Lap swimming will resume to a more normal operation.  We still encourage swimmers to keep to one lane, however, family groups and busier times will allow shared lanes.

What are the rules for the Weight and Cardio rooms?

(Yellow Phase)  Much of the social distancing rules and “Activitiy Pass” to enter the gym will be required so we can keep track of up to 60 people using the room at a time.  Gym bags will be allowed again in the rooms and showers and lockers will be available for you convenience once again.  A time limit maybe requested during certain busy times but so far that hasn’t needed to be implimented.

Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?
All KOPFC employees are required to wear face masks. The Health Department highly recommends the use of face masks for the public.  Face mask may be removed while engaged in heavy physical activity during which the face covering could adversely affect breathing.  

Are you holding Fitness Classes and Water Fitness Classes yet?

(Yellow Phase)  A modified schedule for classes will resume beginning June 1st.  Go to for a list of available classes (now updated).

Can I use the Track up at the Oval?

(Yellow Phase) Once they do open the track you will be able to use your membership to access it again.  Please follow all rules and guidelines they have implemented regarding use of the facility and track.

What is KOPFC doing to keep the Center clean?
During this low risk phase staff will continure to sanitize the facility throughout the day and deep clean every night after closing, with extended cleaning on weekends. 

Member expectation during the Low Risk “Yellow” Phase

  • Please do not police other patrons – if you see another patron do something against the current COVID-19 guidelines, PLEASE speak with a KOPFC manager 
  • Please wash your hands on a regular basis. 
  • Please maintain proper social distancing.
  • 6 feet apart or 10 feet apart if working out. 
  • Disinfect your equipment after using it. 





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