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Patron Spotlight Success Stories


Kolina Manusina - Learn more about her story! --->

My story is not your same ol’ weight loss story.  After having 7 children in 10years, I was tired. I was tired of shopping in Plus size stores. Tired of Wearing size 22 jeans. Tired of having no energy to enjoy my family, my life! I decided I needed to diet and exercise.

It wasn’t easy.I tried every fad diet, pill wrap and each time, I fell off the wagon. Each time gaining back all the weight i had lost and some times more! I struggled for a long time. After my 7th child turned 1, I had no more excuses. I was done having children. I was done falling off the wagon.

In 5 years, I have lost 100 pounds! That is a whole person! I started at 250 pounds and 34% and am now 150 pounds and 11% body fat. I didn’t do it with a magi pill, or with a magic diet, I did it with a decision. A decision to be healthier and happier. Naturally, with no surgery, just a lot of prayer, hard work and determination and laser focus.

Being of Polynesian descent, I am surrounded by a life style that revolves around food. It made it easy to put on weight and easy to be complacent with being heavier. Being Polynesian has been the excuse to stay big. “It’s what we look like. Its genetics!” No. Thats the excuse we have used to cope. I stopped using it as a crutch.

All of my failures, all of my struggles brought me to 2017, where I entered my very first NGA Bodybuilding competition as a Figure Competitor. On May 6th, I took 2nd in the Boise National Championships in the Novice Figure B Division.  I then took the NPC Stage here in Utah on June 10th and took Top 5 in all 3 Classes I entered: Figure Natural, True Novice and Masters. I plan on taking the stage in Hawaii on November 4th in the Shawn Rays Hawaiian Classic and am currently training to do so.

My Goal/Message:

To motivate others. To inspire the uninspired. To show Mothers and women everywhere that it can be done. That weight loss is not a matter of NOT eating, but eating right. That true weight loss begins with a mindset not a fad diet or a pill. That you can lose weight healthily and permanently by not just training the body, but the mind as well.

I am proof that it doesn’t matter how big a brand your gym Is. Your gym size and the fancy machines don’t make the difference, YOU do. I am a full time mother of 7. I am a full time wife. I am a full time employee. And I still have time to train, to meal prep, time to spend with my family. I believe true, healthy weight loss is achieved by not just changing what you eat, but changing what and how you feed your mind. That is my message. It can be done regardless of where you are, what you do, how many children you have had, and it can be done healthily and permanently.

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